Monitor Table

Monitor Table
  • Table pieces are produced by aluminium material. 

  • Aluminium pieces are covered with eloxal

  • The console that carries the monitor can be moved up and down side and can be fixed in the set position.  

  • Monitor can be rotated letf and right side in its own axis. 

  • Monitor can be moved to front and back side.

  • Monitor can be disassembled and assembled easliy from monitor table

  • There are 3 scew socket for mounting in wall connection rail. 

  • There are stopper bolts which prevent the carrier console to fall down in the wall connection rail. 

  • The monitor table has the carrying capacity of 30 kg. 

  • The product is in the carton box with installation manual.

  • The product complete can be demounted. 

  • Can be mounted to vertical intensive care unit.

  • Has an aesthetics and smart appearance

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