Our basic values in relation with our customers, suppliers and staff shall be honesty, fairness, consistency, sharing, discipline and respect.

Our Mission

To continuously increase values that we added to our stakeholders and environment, with most favorable commercial terms and state-of-the-art technology, in accordance with “protect the trustable KONCARE Brand, long term, based on unconditional customer satisfaction, without compromising professionalism and quality”.

Our Vision

To serve local and foreign customers, in the national and international area, in accordance with their requirements, without compromising the principles of quality, safety, human health, dignity, and full customer satisfaction. To diversify and improve its service quality, and perform professional investments with a dynamic team, in order to make KONCARE a renowned brand, in local and international market.


  • To improve the quality and added value of our products and services through continuous innovation.
  • To improve our health, safety, performance and protect the environment continuously.


KONCARE Family is an organization serving the needs of its customers in Turkey acting on the principle of "Trust-Balance-Stability", which has been adopted uncompromisingly since the day the company was established. In a globalizing world, in other words, a world going through an era that turns what is global into locally accessible, KONCARE Family, which always preferred to grow by investments, is a professional company. Thus it took a step in parallel with the developments experienced in the Medical Equipment Industry in Turkey, and strengthened its strategic planning position in the field.

Besides these very important data, most important source for being a leader and continue the leadership is human and customer-focused working.

KONCARE yönetimi olarak çalışanlarımızı, müşterilerimizi, tüm sektör paydaşlarımızı, KONCARE ailesinin birer ferdi olarak görüp birlikte daha güçlü olmak için çalışmalarımıza devam edeceğiz.

We consider that our staffs and customers are members of KONCARE Family and we are going to work harder in order to be stronger.

KONCARE Family is a pioneer of modern, high quality and healthy lifestyles

As members of the KONCARE Family;

  • We hold our dignity and self-respect above all else. Ethical business principles underpin our business activities.
  • Our management style respects the individual. We believe that each of us has the right to learn about issues that affect us and to voice opinions on these. We regard our duty, as well as our right to increase our personal limits and develop our abilities.
  • We believe that quality is a way of life. In all that we do, in every product and service we provide, we aim for the highest level of quality. Our customer is the focal point of this pursuit of quality.
  • We are open to the world and to change; by nature we are pioneering and entrepreneurial. The searching to innovate in every area of activity is a fundamental aspect of our corporate tradition.
  • We uphold the tradition of serving our community because we esteem our society and respect our environment.
  • Topluma ve çevreye olan saygımızın bir sonucu olarak, kuruluşumuzun, toplumsal yaşamın her alanında hizmet veririz.
  • We recognize that participatory management gives each of us the responsibility of working forcefully towards the objectives and goals of our institution. We are careful to observe the rules of our work environment, as we understand that this reflects our respect for our colleagues.
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